An Introduction to Declarationism

To celebrate Independence Day this year, I’ve decided to publish my lecture from The 21 Convention of Austin Texas, An Introduction to Declarationism.

Ultimately I was unhappy with the delivery of the talk and the ideas there in, as opposed to the delivery of An Introduction to the Psychology of Romantic Lovewhich I was and continue to be very proud of.

As I discussed with Socrates (before) and Dr. Eric Daniels after the talk, giving the presentation helped me realize why Ayn Rand never sunk her teeth into legal philosophy (and why I suspect her heir has not either).

It is enormously complex, both to generate and organize ideas in, as well as in communicating those ideas to others in a compelling way.

To be clear, I still hold essentially the same ideas in politico-legal philosophy today as I did during the presentation. My mistake I think was jumping the gun on when and how to deliver these ideas, both to an audience, as well as to my own self, in the sense of how the ideas are formatted from their very origin.

On the upside, today marks the official start of this blog. While it is unlikely I will be able to further publish anything until after The 21 Convention 2014, I hope this post clearly indicates the continued life of the idea known as declarationism as I have presented and developed it thus far.

Finally, my conviction has never been stronger that legal philosophy is one of the most powerful and undervalued tools at our disposal for saving western civilization, fostering the existence of a truly free society, and ending the highly derivative slavery that is the norm throughout the developed world today.

Above all, I believe legal philosophy is a way to accomplish these goals in an enduring way, a way that does not just last but persists, and does not doom future generations to experience the same degree and type of tyranny given a long enough time span. Legal philosophy is a path to solving problems, not treating symptoms.


You may subscribe to the Declarationism YouTube channel here. I’ll be hosting podcasts, video blogs, and related media there for declarationism over the foreseeable future.

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One Response to An Introduction to Declarationism

  1. John A. Puebla October 20, 2015 at 6:05 pm #

    I’ve spent the last 35 years independently studying Native Science in order to better understand what fathers had in mind, but was never perused, much of it mimicking Native Social Technology (100th Congress HR331, 1988). What I came up with amounts to nothing less than Declarationism, a term I learned from you; and thank you very much.

    While the mimickery of Native tradition may sound absurd it should be taken into consideration that we are dealing with well educated free-masons who were not only very spiritual but well versed in the old Native EUOPEAN traditions; without doubt they would have noticed patterns. This is most evidenced by the writings of Benjamin Franklin as he was impressed that American Indian societies needed neither police nor a standing Army to enforce laws and defend nation. Moreover, the founding fathers were impressed that it was the wisest among “the savages” who held positions of leadership and as such the “savages” knew more freedom than any European civilization.

    It appears that the Enlightenment is what caused this endeavor to come to a halt as the philosophy of the Enlightenment would not value mythology, which I believe is self-evident to the sustainability of any society as it creates a natural synergetic and therapeutic environment: After 35 years of independent study into Native Science I believe this was a mistake.

    My work is very different from Leroy Doctors Little Bear and Gregory Cajete as my focus has been to create American Native Science, i.e. a Native Science geared to our Nations principles. One major difference is that traditional native science says there is no mathematics involved in native science; my research has revealed what I term Inter-related Mathematics – in a nutshell ‘Declarationism,’ by use of the Cowspen’s Flag, as it is perfect and part of the evidence of my theory. Both the five pointed star and the cowspen’s circle are vital schematics to the propagation of the system: the five points of the star are reflected in nature and in turn reflect the five fundamental divine truths which are…

    Pursuit of Happiness
    (Government by) Consent

    Each truth is a hyperlink that reveals our rights both fundamentally and by individual circumstance: the heart of our Supreme Law is Juridical Wisdom; that limits the government and State to sustaining the system. I strongly believe that violations of this system should be nothing less than criminal.

    As noted I see a clear pattern that appears to be the beginnings of the creation of an American Cosmology to include the “deification” of the founding fathers in order to propagate the same “Mythic Present (Claire R. Farrer, 1991) that is found among indigenous peoples the world over. The best example of which is Asatru or how the Spartans claimed direct decent from Hercules. Other examples include the many tribes of American Indians who say they are descended from their “gods.” Such propagates renewal to the commitment of the people to the purpose for which their society exists. GOD as a legal definition being the source of existence rather it be the Big Bang or the Eye in the Sky; it is irrelevant as the patterns of Natural Law are self evident.

    In its present state much needs to be done to correct the damage I date to beginning in 1830. There are parallels to our own story and that of the Six Nations Confederacy which inspired us, ’13 Arrows.’ We would be wise to include all as these tribes did to end their Dark Time, we certainly have been in our own Dark Time. In short to be successful in recovering our government and securing safeguards against the erosion of our true heritage, we must ratify the constitution through Declarationism. I believe it is necessary to expand our check and balances to include a Chaplaincy and Corporate branch of government – and the formalization of the people as an active, juridic, part of government representing the State (Louis IVX “I am the State.” in regard to divine right). This would be formalized by the creation of a Council of Elders who would be selected by lot in the same way as a court jury is selected. Their job being to screen new laws and make judgments on laws that already exist in regard to the legality, compliance with the Constitution. Each member being at least the age of 65.

    The president must also be checked as the position has become to influential, this check and balance needs to be in the form of the Chaplin, who’s job is to promote American Culture through “Shamanic Declarationism.” In essence formulating Rituals, marketing and advertising of Declarationism, in the same manner, albeit high tech, that American Indian Medicine men strengthen the traditions of American Indian Nations, to insure the commitment of the nation is kept.

    There is much more to what I have said. I am presently working on a document to recommit our nation to our foundations while at the same time reconciling with our Indigenous peoples: clearing our reputation and purging ourselves of the evil we have brought on them is vital to our survival as much as it is to their survival.

    The Document I speak of is Called the “Sovereign Decree” and unless its from me you can bet it’s fake. I am it’s architect, its Thomas Jefferson; I invite you to correspond and work with me, as equals, in this endeavor and aid in gathering a new generation of people who have both the wisdom and the courage to represent our founding fathers in order to renew and continue our struggle for true liberty and a better world as a result.


    John A. Puebla

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