An Introduction to Declarationism

To celebrate Independence Day this year, I’ve decided to publish my lecture from The 21 Convention of Austin Texas, An Introduction to Declarationism.

Ultimately I was unhappy with the delivery of the talk and the ideas there in, as opposed to the delivery of An Introduction to the Psychology of Romantic Lovewhich I was and continue to be very proud of.

As I discussed with Socrates (before) and Dr. Eric Daniels after the talk, giving the presentation helped me realize why Ayn Rand never sunk her teeth into legal philosophy (and why I suspect her heir has not either).

It is enormously complex, both to generate and organize ideas in, as well as in communicating those ideas to…

Liberty Unlocked: Declarationism

Editor’s note:

This was originally posted on my personal blog, The Dream Lounge. It is the spring board from which this blog, and the book, Declarationism, come from. I post it here, exactly as it was originally written, as a reference and starting point for the advancement that is to come for my political philosophy, declarationism.

As the saying goes, it’s a lot easier to get where you’re going, when you know where you came from — and incidentally, such is the spirit of declarationism.


As a forewarning for my more consistent readers, this will be the most extreme post I have ever written. In it I will provide a…